Maa Tuje Salaam!

November 10, 2009 at 5:51 pm 2 comments

 “Vande Mataram”  is again reverbarating, not as an inspiring national melody but as a controversy borne out of a view point of the most bigoted nature. The Islamic scholars of the country opined that the national song is unfit for rendering by a true Muslim and issued a fatwa that refrains the faithful from singing it. It is only Allah, the scholars concluded, who is to be venerated and no one else, much less the motherland.

A.R. Rahman’s iconic rendering of the song held the nation spellbound and instantaneously catapulted it as an all-time  favourite among the youth of our country. The  practicing Muslim in Rahaman didn’t find anything blasphemous when he thundered “Vande Mataram” to scintillating music. Nor did the people of India, muslims included,  ever shy away from humming the song. 

Allah is all-pervasive and there is no place where he is not. And by extension of this logic he cannot but be in the motherland too. And when you bow down to your motherland, you are in fact paying obeisance to that one supreme. No “Namaz”  is complete without  prostrating on the earth you stand. Is it not an act of reverence to the land that sustains you?

It’s one’s motherland that is more desirable than even the heavens and the doors of “Jannat” are forever closed to the one who disrespects his motherland. 

 Maa, Tuje Salaam!



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