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The tale of two, nay three, Gujaratis

Pranava implies the primordial sound that transcends the trilogy of time, space and causation and a sincere practitioner of this sacred chant is assured of an eternal permanence, freed from the limiting and inhibiting nature of the worldly existence.

And when Pranav Mistry unveiled his “Sixth Sense” technology which literally brings the virtual world to your finger tips, what he actually did was to free the knowledge world from the shackles of patent-royalty-licence syndrome. Pranav would soon open-source this technology and with that happening, “Sixth Sense” would gain an omnipresence akin to that of the primordial sound that his name signifies.

With a few random and rhythmic moments of his hands and a pendent fitted to his finger, Pranav resembled more like a master conductor crafting the most rapturous music than like a techie hardwared to bytes and thereby to billions. And when this lad from Gujarat announced that it all for free and that money matters little for him,  he exemplified  the highest traditions of selflessness that has few parallels in today’s much maligned corporate world. 

Juxtapose this gesture with that of the other Gujarati,  the Ambani brothers, and you couldn’t have asked for a more contrasting personalities. The twosome brothers are now fighting each other in the Indian Supreme Court to decide who should get the best spoils of the gas reserves that they supposed to have discovered in the Krishna basins. One of them sees it as his fiefdom to amass unrestrained wealth by selling this national resource to the highest bidder and the other trying to grab a share of the cake. It just doesn’t matter to either of the Ambani brothers that the gas reserves has been there over a few millions of years, much before mankind appeared on the face of this earth. For this Gujarati brothers it’s money alone that matters!

Of these contrasts, one shall be consigned to the dustbin of history and no prizes for guessing the correct answer. And the other, glorified forever for going beyond the self.




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