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Silent Night

Silence is ethereal for it heralds the withering of ignorance and the ripening of wisdom in our consciousness. When the constant chatter of conflicting inner voices ebb to the awareness of the ‘Present’, when the shrillness of tainted arguments fade to the stillness of the ‘Now’ ,and when the beauty of the ‘Here’ overwhelm and smudge the littleness of the self, a blessed state of silence most profound, descend and drench the core of our being. And from that depth of silence emerge the whispers of truth heard only when the baggages of the past and the schemes of the future are offloaded on to the bosom of the present. This silence is not the absence of sound echoed in the haunting quietness of the grave where dead men tell no tale nor is it the language that lovers transact in when words are inadequate currencies to exchange the fairies of their hearts. But it is the majestic affirmation of the Omnipresent that always IS but is often lost to the cacophony of the world around us.

And the night signifies the darkness of ignorance that has come to blind man for ages. A darkness that deludes him to feel separate from and even superior to the creator allowing his vanities to thrive in him unrestraint. A monumental ignorance that make him believe as absolute, the transient pleasures of life and thus the pursuit of it, his sole earthy purpose. And in the darkness of this world, his calcified heart is devoid of the finer qualities of love and compassion and lay barren to the joys of giving and forgiving. Entangled thus in his meaningless existence and tossed mercilessly by the vagaries of life, he wails in unsurmountable sorrow and waits for the divine beacon to light his path towards deliverance. 

And on such a silent night two millenniums ago the Saviour descended upon Bethlehem to dispel the darkness that engulfed mankind and to be ever the shimmering light for humanity. And on that holy night the three wise men who followed the bright star were led to the manger where the prince of love smiled in supreme radiance, the one who is destined to be the king of the God’s spiritual empire. Jesus, was the son of the God, brought on to this world to dawn upon himself the suffering so that man is rid of his sins. He was to teach humanity the supreme message of the fatherhood of God and the brotherhood of Man and that all are cast in the divine image.

Jesus initially identified himself as the messenger of God which in the Indian philosophical thought is the “Dvaita”, the “Dualism”, where God is identified as separate from oneself and hence deserve to serve him through loving service to fellow humans. And then he moves on to the second stage and proclaim himself as “ The Son of God” which in the Indian thought is the “ Visistadvaita” , the “Qualified non-dualism” where the soul sees itself as cast in the image of God yet separate from it, like the object and its image. And finally,  When Jesus makes the ultimate proclamation that “ He and his Father are One”’ he reveals the ultimate truth of “Advaita”, the “Non-dualism”, where the creator and the creation are both but one. Thus, Jesus, in stages, leads mankind to the realisation of the supreme truth of the Upanishad “Aham Brahmasmi ” where there in only ONE, no other and it is in the destiny of all of us to merge to that reality. 

And “He who sent me shall come again” is the eternal assurance to lead us all to the effulgent divine light and to that “Second Coming” humanity so eagerly await.





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