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‘3 Idiots’ and the three Ds

It has it all-great script, amazing casts, good cinematography, comic & highly hilarious scenes, et al. Helped with a controversy over the credits for the original storyline, ‘3 idiots’ is a huge hit at the box office as well, racking in almost Rs.200 crores in the first ten days of its release. And the cash box is still tingling.

The success of ‘ 3 idiots’ could also be attributed to the growing trivialization of higher education in the country where ranks, grades and percentiles are the only yardsticks of academic achievements, and its worth measured by the lucrative jobs you land up in. No method is mean as long as this “high purpose” of education to make a stylish living  is served well. Where education is a commodity, true learning is its first casualty.  The film contributes to this process of commodification of education quite ably.

In an age and time where effortless success is glorified, the rigours of serious academic pursuits are given a short shrift and instead a strategy evolved to acquire the degrees and the masters. An inquisitive mind, a sharpened intellect, an orientation for deep enquiry and thorough analysis -the hallmarks of a learned individual are so sadly lacking in men walking out of our educational portals.

Discipline, dedication and devotion need to be the essential characteristics of anyone in the pursuit of higher education. These three together provide the fertile ground for true learning to happen. Discipline would entail a rigourous adherence to a healthy routine of study and leisure, day in and day out. This conditions the mind to remain focused throughout and with ease. Dedication highlights the goal and purpose for which the knowledge is sought to be achieved and it should be for nobler ones. The acquired learning should be seen as an offering for the common good of the many and not as a tool for self-aggrandisement. And devotion reflects an approach filled with  humility to the subject of study and to the instructor. It instils in the student, a sense of reverence to both the teacher and to that what is taught and thus establishes a binding with the subject. Devotion ensures a life-long quest for knowledge without any anticipation.

Pursuing of higher education without these three Ds- Discipline, Dedication and Devotion- would only produce idiots. Not just three in number, but many times over!



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