Small is beautiful but littleness is ugly

December 11, 2009 at 6:42 pm 1 comment

Poets, philosophers and commoners have all alike been entranced by things that are small and little, and the BIG difference they make – The small little cottage, the small little dot on the child’s cheek, the small little squirrel doing its bit in the lord’s mission and the small little pat on one’s back . Small little words of encouragement have triggered great achievements and small little but timely help have shaped great personalities.

What makes small so beautiful is its completeness. An infant who is happy within is a source of great joy to all around. The distant star twinkling with its little light is a delight to watch. And that small little smile makes Mona Liza so complete yet so enigmatic. 

But when smallness is sought to be achieved by amputating a larger whole, it becomes a tasteless waste. Such are the efforts of our politicians that they neither appreciate the value of size nor the pre-requisites that make the small beautiful. The clamour for carving out “Telengana” from Andhra Pradesh is such a course towards self- destruction that has the elements of the most sinister designs working behind it.  If  it comes to fructify, it shall spell the collective doom of both the regions.

This is so because , Telengana shares its water resources, that are so essential for the independent development of the region with the other regions. All the major rivers and water resources in Andhra flow through Telengana towards the Andhra region and one has only to look how Tamil Nadu and Karnataka are fighting for years over the Kaveri water, and the blue-print for future disputes, riots and violence are in front of us. Oh, a tragedy is just unfolding before our very eyes! 

Little politicians have total disregard for the welfare of the state or its people. For them, it is one more state with all the positions right from the chief minister’s chair, up there for grabs.  No price is too high if it means a direct shot at the Gaddi! Littleness is not just ugly but positively dangerous.

We can only hope that better sense would prevail and people will be spared an unending spell of hatred and violence.




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  • 1. Balu  |  December 17, 2009 at 8:07 am

    Wonderful! Keep it up. The writer in you has just found his standing and bearing. Keep going



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